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| The completed schedule is available on ''''''
=General Information=
=General Information=
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* This schedule is subject to change, check back regularly.
* This schedule is subject to change, check back regularly.
=BruCON 0x07 Line-Up=
Full schedule of the 0x09 (2017) edition []
* Dave Kennedy, Co-founder of TrustedSec and Binary Defense Systems. Co-author of the book "Metasploit: The Penetration Testers Guide," the creator of the Social-Engineer Toolkit (SET), and Artillery
* Shyama Rose is an accomplished Information Security visionary strategist with a 15-year track record for assessing risks and building ground-up security initiatives for Fortune 100 companies.
* Keynote: [[Justine Bone]] - [[The cyber short. A market solution for product safety and corporate governance.]]
* Keynote: [[Chris Wysopal]] - [[How hackers changed the security industry and how we need to keep changing it.]]
* Willi Ballenthin and Jon Tomczak - Shims For The Win: Case study and investigative techniques for hijacked Application Compatibility Infrastructure
* Alexandre Dulaunoy and Pieter-Jan Moreels - cve-search - A free software to collect, search and analyse common vulnerabilities and exposures in software
* L. Grecs - Creating REAL Threat Intelligence ... with Evernote
* Alejandro Hernandez - Brain Waves Surfing - (In)Security in EEG (Electroencephalography) Technologies
* Mark Hillick - Levelling Up Security @ Riot Games
* Ryan Kazanciyan and Matt Hastings - Desired state: compromise
* Dhia Mahjoub and Thomas Mathew - Unified DNS View to Track Threats
* David Mortman - SSO: It's the SAML SAML Situation (With Apologies to Mötley Crüe)
* Rushikesh Nandedkar and Amrita Iyer - The .11 Veil, Camouflage & Covert!!! /*Invisible Wifi, Revealed */
* Chris Nickerson - Nightmares of a Pentester
* Kuba Sendor - OSXCollector: Automated forensic evidence collection & analysis for OS X
* Richard Thieme - Hacking as Practice for Transplanetary Life in the 21st Century: How Hackers Frame the Pictures in Which Others Live
* Mathy Vanhoef - Advanced WiFi Attacks using Commodity Hardware
* [[Matt Wixey]] - [[See no evil, hear no evil: Hacking invisibly and silently with light and sound]]
* [[Balazs Bucsay]] - [[XFLTReaT: a new dimension in tunnelling]]
* [[Anna Shirokova]] and [[Veronica Valeros]] - [[Knock Knock... Who's there? admin admin and get in! An overview of the CMS brute-forcing malware landscape.]]
* [[Volodymyr Styran]] - [[From Weakest Link to Retaliation Weapon: Building Efficient Anti-Social Engineering Awareness Program]]
* [[Sampada Nandedkar]] and [[Rushikesh Nandedkar]] - [[Races, Reaches and Rescues!!! (Race condition vulnerabilities revisited)]]
* [[Damien Cauquil]] - [[Weaponizing the BBC Micro:Bit]]
* [[Sander Demeester]] - [[Secure channels: Building real world crypto systems]]
* Josh Schwartz and John Cramb - [[MEATPISTOL, A Modular Malware Implant Framework]]
* [[Gregory Pickett]] - [[Open Source Security Orchestration]]
* [[František Střasák]] and Sebastian Garcia- [[Detecting malware even when it is encrypted -  Machine Learning for network HTTPS analysis]]
* [[Nikhil Mittal]] - [[Evading Microsoft ATA for Active Directory Domination]]
* [[Debasish Mandal]] - [[Browser Exploits? Grab them by the collar!]]
This edition, there will not be a 5by5, but we will revive the project next edition
* Benjamin Delpy - Mimikatz workshop
* [[Didier Stevens]] - [[Programming Wireshark With Lua]]
* [[David Szili]] - [[Getting the Most Out of Windows Event Logs]]
* [[Steven Wierckx]] and [[Andy Deweirt]] - [[Building a cheap, robust, scaling, penetration testing/bug bounty super computer]]
* Pieter Danhieux and Erik Van Buggenhout - Hands-on Incident Response Workshop
* [[Swaroop Yermalkar]] - [[Practical iOS App Exploitation and Defense using iGoat]]
* Sergei Frankoff and Sean Wilson - Crowdsourced Malware Triage Workshop - Making Sense of Malware with a Browser and a Notepad
* [[Sergei Frankoff]] and [[Sean Wilson]] - [[Malware Triage: Malscripts Are The New Exploit Kit]]
* Prateek Gianchandani - iOS application pentesting
* [[Emmanuel Nicaise]] - [[Jedi's trick to convince your boss and colleagues]]
* Chris Lytle - Hands-On Old School Cryptography
* [[Leszek Mis]] - [[May the data stay with you - Network Data Exfiltration Techniques.]]
* Chris Lytle and Matt Jakubowski - BrewCon
* [[Slawomir Jasek]] - [[Hacking Bluetooth Smart locks]]
* Nathan Magniez - Wireless Assessment Bootcamp 101
* [[Georges Bossert]] and [[Frédéric Guihéry]] - [[Defeating Proprietary Protocols the Smart Way]]
* Vito Rallo - Kernel Tales: Security Testing of aarch64 Android Kernels
* [[Anto Joseph]] and [[Clarence Chio]] - [[Practical Machine Learning in InfoSecurity]]
* Arnaud Soullie - Pentesting ICS 101 (@ICS Village)
* [[Vinnie Vanhoecke]] and Tom Kustermans and Joachim Schäfer - [[Playing with RFID workshop]]
* Didier Stevens - A Hands On Introduction To Software Defined Radio
* [[Yannick Wellens]] - [[Windows malware development: A JMP in the dark]]
* Javier Marcos and Ted Reed - Intrusion detection on Linux and OS X with osquery (
* Ocean Lam, Count Ninjula and Keith Myers - DJ workshop
* ICS Village
* Hak4kidz - Hacking conference for children (Sunday 4-Oct)
* Ocean Lam (Hong Kong)
* Count Ninjula (Los Angeles)
* Keith Myers (Los Angeles)
* keroSerene (Serene Han, pianist)

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General Information

  • Registrations start at 8h30!
  • Typically workshops run for 2 consecutive speaking slots (ca. 2 hours), but some of them are even longer
  • Workshop rooms in the location Novotel Ghent (Orval, Chimay, La Trappe) are 5 minutes walking from the main venue
  • Workshop seats are limited. Reserved seats get in until 5 min before the workshop. After that it is first come, first in.
  • Read our important instructions on how to use!
  • This schedule is subject to change, check back regularly.

Full schedule of the 0x09 (2017) edition