Malware Triage: Malscripts Are The New Exploit Kit

Malware Triage: Malscripts Are The New Exploit Kit

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Malware triage is an important function in any mature incident response program; the process of quickly analyzing potentially malicious files or URLs to determine if your organization has exposure. Traditionally malware triage has focused on exploit kits which were the initial infection vector of choice, but this is changing. In recent years malscripts and file based exploits have become an equally common initial infection vector. Often delivered via email, malscripts can take many different forms, WScript, Javascript, or embedded macros. However, the goal is always the same; obtain code execution and deliver a malicious payload.

In this workshop you will work through the triage of a live malscript sample. During this process you will identify and extract malscripts from Office documents, manually deobfuscate the malscripts, circumvent anti-analysis techniques, and finally determine the purpose of the scripts and payload in order to develop countermeasures. The focus of this process will be the intersection between the techniques used to analyze malscripts and the larger incident response process.

This workshop is aimed at junior incident responders, hobby malware analysts, and general security or IT practitioners who are interested in learning more about the malware triage process. If you have no experience with malware analysis but you have a good understanding of scripting languages like VBScript, and Javascript, and you are familiar with windows internals you should have no problem completing the workshop. Please make sure to bring a laptop that you are able to analyze malware on (we recommend using a VM). We also recommend that you have Google Chrome installed, no other tools are required to be installed prior to the workshop.