Training 2015 - Cyber Breach Management

Training 2015 - Cyber Breach Management

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Cyber Breach Management

Course Description

The frequency, scope, and sophistication of attacks against computer networks is increasing daily. This course will teach students how to successfully manage the people, processes, and voluminous data required to successfully investigate and recover from a breach. All phases of the incident response process will be covered and hands-on exercises will provide tools for analyzing system artifacts as well as scrutinizing and communicating technical findings.

Course Contents

To be specified

Student requirements

The class is geared toward students with a background in digital forensics, computer networking or systems administration. Students should be familiar with common computing and networking terms and concepts such as file systems, RAM, DNS, active directory, IP addresses, firewalls, etc. Comfort with the Windows and Linux command line would also be beneficial.

Trainer Biography


Chris Nutt is an expert in the field of incident response and digital forensics. He has more than 10 years of experience helping global organizations manage and conduct complex investigations into attacks targeting intellectual property and financial information.

He is a recent addition to Kroll’s Cyber Security practice, but spent the prior seven years with Mandiant, where he helped develop their investigative methodologies, digital forensics techniques, and technologies.

Chris has previously taught courses on incident response and digital forensics at venues including CounterMeasure, Black Hat USA, Abu Dhabi and Asia. He has also written numerous articles on incident response and information security, including his most recent, ”Payment Card Data Theft: Tips For Small Business" - Dark Reading, July 2014.

Payment Card Data Theft: Tips For Small Business by Chris Nutt

Mon. 5 - 7 October 2015 (09:00 - 17:00)


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