Marios Kourtesis

Marios Kourtesis

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I am a 22 year old undergraduate Greek student currently studying, working and living in Sweden. My field of studies include Computer Science and Network Security, and as a student I have participated in several university projects revolving group work in programming, networks and IT security. Additionally I have joined in two cyber-war exercises in cooperation with Hellenic National Defence General Staff. I enjoy the efforts and collaboration in working as a team but have also experience from independent freelance work, and therefore I am comfortable working single-handedly on various tasks as well. I like to view both work related and everyday life challenges as a pathway for my own personal development. As a person, I’m keen on interacting with different people from different backgrounds and like to engage in international discussions, in order to develop a broader perspective and ways of live from people all over the world.

During the past years I have been a contributor to OWASP OWTF, an organisation I have personally advocated for AppSec2014 in Cambridge. At OWTF I am the author of the WAF Bypasser and Botnet Mode. For a duration of 6 months I have worked in a local Swedish IT company called Softwerk as a Security consultant with handling positions as a penetration tester and system administrator. Lastly I have during the summer been working at GSoC(Google Summer of Code).

I have a passion for basketball since childhood and have been playing for ten years both for leisure and professionally in a team. I also have an interest in music and I am a self-taught guitarist. My other hobbies include fishing, spending time with my friends and meeting new people from all sorts of backgrounds.