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Venue Location

take heed! we had to move location. The address of the new location is as follows:

Aula Academica of the Ghent University
Voldersstraat 9
9000 Gent


By car

  • TBD

By taxi


By Public Transport


By train

Getting to Ghent by train is piece of cake. Once you have arrived at the airport in Brussels, take the train from the airport to any major Brussels train station (North, Central or South). From any of these stations about three trains an hour ride to Ghent (usually direction Ostend, or Knokke, or De Panne). It takes you about 40 minutes to get to Ghent-Sint-Pieters, which is Ghent's main train station.

Once you've arrived in Ghent, you can either take a good walk (the venue is a little over 2 km away from the station), or you take tram 1 direction Evergem. I think it is the 6th (Gent Korte Meer) or the 7th (Gent Korenmarkt) stop, but don't hesitate to ask fellow tram passengers to tell you where to get off.

By plane

Our National Airport is located near Brussels at Zaventem. For more info, check

When you book your airplane tickets make sure you head for Brussels National Airport (Zaventem) and not for the deceptively-named Brussels North or Brussels South, neither of which are even all that close to Brussels (but in Antwerp and Charleroi, respectively.)

Check or to find the cheapest flight.


By Space Craft

On July 21st 2011, as spacecraft Atlantis rolled to a stop at it's home base, our partnership for space travel stopped. No Space Craft services to Brucon have been planned for the near future.


Sleep is good. Sleep is healthy. If you need sleep, have a look at our suggestions below.

List of hotels, hostels and other accommodation opportunities

Via Resotel your BruCON crew managed to offer very competitive conditions for various hotels. Click the link below for more information.

For those amongst you who prefer the "Budget" option on WikiTravel, here are several alternatives:

Hostel De Draecke

Hostel 47

Hotel Search engine