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Venue Location

take heed! we had to move location. The address of the new location is as follows:

 Vrije Universiteit Brussel
 Pleinlaan 2
 1050 Elsene


By car

  • From France / Luxemburg / Namen: E411
  • From UK / Ostend (Oostende) / Brugge / Gent: E40
  • From Netherlands / Antwerpen / Mechelen: A12 or E19
  • From Germany / Aken / Luik / Leuven: E40

For for detailed directions, please consult Google Maps.

A system of electrical bollards is in use at Campus Etterbeek to limit parking and traffic nuisance. You will receive a bar code together with final registration instructions prior to the conference.

By taxi

Taxis Bleus: +32 2 349 49 49 - taxi verts

Autolux: +32 2 5 123 123 - taxis autolux

Unitax: + 32 725 25 25 - unitax

Find out Taxi prices on

By Public Transport

The Brussels MIVB has created a 'How to get to' brochure for the VUB. This brochure gives an overview of the different means of public transport in Brussel you can use to reach the campus. You can consult this brochure here.

By train

The train station you should get off at is Etterbeek.

Trains run regularly from the main stations Brussel-Midi(South) Brussel-Centraal (Central) and Brussel-Noord (North). The train trip will take about 20 minutes. Shouldn't be too costly either.

There is a site owned by company that manages the Belgian railroads that we would link to if it weren't for the fact they run a crazy linking policy. The sitename consists of three w's, the word railtime and the extension be, all seperated with a single dot. On the site you can easily plan your train ride.

Here's to hoping the riddle-me-this version of linking doesn't get us in trouble ;-)

By plane

Our National Airport is located near Brussels at Zaventem and very close to the Surf House, check

Note that when you book your airplane tickets you head for Brussels National Airport (Zaventem) and not for Brussels North, which is in Antwerp, or for Brussels South, which is in Chaleroi.

Check or to find the cheapest flight.

From the airport you can take a taxi, bus or train to the center of Brussels or straight to the venue in Etterbeek.

Taxi: They are lined up just outside of the arrival hall of the airport but be careful they're quite costly (~20€ to go to center, up to 40€ if night) and not the best option if you arrive during peak hours.

Bus: The bus station is located on level 0 (1 level lower than the arrival hall), take bus number 471 on platform A. It goes straight to the center of Brussels.

Train: The train station is located on level -1 (2 levels lower than the arrival hall). Probably the best option if you want to go to the center.

By Space Craft

On July 21st 2011, as spacecraft Atlantis rolled to a stop at it's home base, our partnership for space travel stopped. No Space Craft services to Brucon have been planned for the near future.


If you are looking for other accommodation, please have a look below.

List of hotels, hostels and other accommodation opportunities

Hotel Search engine

A booking agency has offered a deal on the following hotels. Visit for more information.

Alternatively, you can use this search engine to find great hotels in Brussels:

Some hotel prices start from 39 euro

BruCON attendees can get a 10% rebate on this as well. Check

Please add your suggestions