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[,+brussels&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=40.137381,93.164063&ie=UTF8&ll=50.884842,4.394531&spn=0.125192,0.363922&t=h&z=12&iwloc=A Here's] the link on google maps.
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===By taxi===
Taxis Bleus: +32 2 268 00 00 -  [ taxi bleus]
Autolux: +32 2 5 123 123 -  [ taxis autolux]
Unitax: + 32 725 25 25 -  [ unitax]
===By bus===
===By bus===

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Venue Location

BruCON is held at the Surf House in Evere. It's ideally located between Brussels National Airport (Zaventem) and Brussels North Railway Station.

The Surf House features a big auditorium, a lounge and several modular workshop rooms. In the auditorium, there are five huge screens to provide a panoramic view of the message you wish to convey. This area is perfect for holding presentations as the high-tech apparatus is a boon for efficient and professional communicating. In the lounge you can relax yourself in between the presentations and workshops and join us at the party on Saturday evening.

The location is easy to reach by train, bus, car or taxi. See below for more information.

The Surf House

Rue Stroobants 51

B - 1140 Evere

Tel : +32 (0)2 243 03 85

Surfhouse on Google Maps


By car

There's limited (guarded) parking space at the venue, but you should be able to park your car near the venue. If you got a GPS, this is the address you have to put in:

Rue Stroobants 51 , Evere (1140), Belgium.

Here's the link on google maps.

By taxi

Taxis Bleus: +32 2 268 00 00 - taxi bleus

Autolux: +32 2 5 123 123 - taxis autolux

Unitax: + 32 725 25 25 - unitax

By bus

If you want to use public transportation in and around Brussels, check the stib/mivb site.
Here is the public transportation map (pdf 1.7Mb)
To reach the venue by bus:

  • line 59 (from Flagey/Maalbeek/St-Josse (behind Madou)) direction Bordet station, stop at Carli
  • line 69 (from Schaerbeek railstation) direction Jules Bordet, stop at Carli but if you're at the Station it's a five minutes walk anyway.

Schaerbeek Station can itself be reached by much more bus lines and trains of course. Check the pdf map mentioned above or try the auto-planner of the stib/mivb

By train

You can check train schedules to Brussels here. Once in Brussels you can take a secondary train to the Schaarbeek Station (schedule on same link but domestic). From the Schaarbeek station, it's a five minute walk to the surfhouse

By plane

Our Nation Airport is located near Brussels at Zaventem and very close to the Surf House, check

Note that when you book your airplane tickets you head for Brussels National Airport (Zaventem) and not for Brussels North, which is in Antwerp, or for Brussels South ,which is in Chaleroi.

Airplane tickets are at an all time low. Check or to find the cheapest flight.

From the airport you can take a taxi, bus or train to the center of Brussels or straight to the venue in Evere.

Taxi: They are lined up just outside of the arrival hall of the airport but be careful they're quite costly (~20€ to go to center, up to 40€ if night) and not the best option if you arrive during peak hours.

Bus: The bus station is located on level 0 (1 level lower than the arrival hall), take bus number 471 on platform A. It goes straight to the center of Brussels.

Train: The train station is located on level -1 (2 levels lower than the arrival hall). Probably the best option if you want to go to the center.

By Space Craft

Check the schedules at ISS. Ask for Frank.


BruCON arranged a discount price with some hotels for our visitors. They are all located around Brussels North Station and should provide easy access to the venue. You book it through If you are looking for other accommodation, please have a look below.

List of hotels, hostels and other accommodation opportunities

Hotel Search engine

Alternatively, you can use this search engine to find great hotels in Brussels:

Please add your suggestions