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Metasploit for Penetration Testing by Georgia Weidman

The class will begin with the basics of using the Metasploit Framework. We will continue on following the penetration test methodology to use Metasploit to exploit vulnerable systems in a lab. Jumping off from basic concepts we will move into advanced topics such as writing your own Metasploit modules and creating sophisticated client side attacks with Metasploit and the Social Engineering Toolkit. This class is suitable for those with no background in Metasploit or penetration testing as well as penetration testers who want to add the Metasploit Framework to their arsenal.

Corelan Live! by Peter Van Eeckhoutte

The Corelan Live Bootcamp is a truly unique opportunity to learn both basic & advanced techniques from an experienced exploit developer. During this 2 day course, students will be able to learn all ins and outs about writing reliable exploits for the Win32 platform. The trainer will share his “notes from the field” and various tips & tricks to become more effective at writing exploits.

We believe it is important to explain the basics of buffer overflows and exploit writing, but this is not “your average” entry level course. In fact, this is one of the finest and most advanced courses you will find on Win32 stack based exploit development.

This hardcore hands-on course will provide students with solid understanding of current Win32 (stack based) exploitation techniques and memory protection bypass techniques. We make sure the course material is kept updated with current techniques, includes previously undocumented tricks and techniques, and details about research we performed ourselves. Combined with the way the course is built up, this will turn these 2 days into a truly unique experience.

During the course, we not only share techniques and mechanics, but we also want to make sure you understand why a given technique is used, why something works and why something doesn’t work.

Finally, we offer you post-training support as well. If you have taken the course and you still have questions, we will help.

Visual Analytics - Delivering Actionable Security Intelligence by Raffael Marty

This workshop takes the audience on a fascinating journey of data analytics and visualization. The students will learn how to process data (log files), visualize them through actionable graphs, and analyze security related data. Past training attendees included employees of various Nation's secret services, large security vendors, and security analysts from all over the world. All of them attended to learn how to deal with the flood of security related data in an efficient way. The in-depth technical content is backed up and emphasized by numerous hands-on exercises, some of them utilizing a private extension of the DAVIX live CD.

Registration details

Location and dates

The courses will be given on 24 & 25 September in Ghent

The courses begin promptly at 09h00 and end at 17h00. Out of consideration for your instructor(s) and fellow students, please try to be seated and ready to go by 08h45.

Lunch is included in the training fee.