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Trainings are not available yet. See below to follow updates.
There will be trainings in the days prior to BruCON (22-23 Sept) , by internationally renowned trainers and at good prices. If you were looking for the conference presentations, see the [[Schedule]].
== Latest news ==
==Registration details==
<b>'''You can also follow BruCON news on [[Image:Blogger_logo.jpg|55px|link=]],[[Image:Twitter_logo.jpg|50px|link=]], [[Image:Mailing_logo.jpg|50px|link=]] or [[Image:Linkedin_logo.jpg|55px|link=]].''</b>'''
The price for the 2 day courses is € 900 (+ VAT) per attendee.
Please send an e-mail to '''registrations at''' with the following information:
* Name:
* E-mail:
* The course name:
You will receive a mail with your registration number and payment instructions (bank wire or PayPal). Upon reception of your payment, you will get your final registration confirmation. If you don't receive your payment instructions within 48h, please contact us at  '''helpdesk (at)'''
==Location & Date==
The courses will be given on 22 & 23 September in Belgacom University (BCU), Carlistraat 2, B-1140 Evere. ([,4.432983&sspn=5.075643,11.195068&ie=UTF8&z=16&iwloc=A Google Maps Link])
The courses start at 9h00 and end at 17h00.
==Overview of the courses==
===Pentesting High Security Environments===
This course will focus on penetration testing techniques that can be used when testing
highly secured environments such as 3-letter agencies, DoD, financial organizations,
federal organizations, and large companies. If you are tired of attacking unpatched
Windows 2000 Servers in your hacking courses and want to take a course where you will
be attacking new Operating Systems/Applications that are patched, locked down, and
protected with an IDS/IPS then this is the course for you.
The first day of the course starts with attacking heavily protected environments from the
outside and dealing with Network-Based IDS/IPS. Next is attacking web applications and
dealing with Load Balancing, common application security measures in PHP/ASP.NET,
and Web Application Firewalls.
The second day covers attacking from the LAN, dealing with NAC solutions, locked
down workstations/GPOs, and Host-Based IDS/IPS. The last section of the course covers
gaining control of Active Directory.
[[Training_1| Joe McCray ]]
'''For more details see [[Training 1| Pentesting High Security Environments]]'''
==== Pricing====
The price for this 2 day course is € 900 (+ VAT).
===A crash course in pentesting VOIP networks===
[[Training_2#About_course_designer_and_instructor | Joffrey Czarny and Sandro Gauci ]]
The training is to learn the risks and the weaknesses VoIP and how to pentest them. Besides reviewing default configuration mistakes, you will learn about VLAN hopping, fingerprinting, SIP abuse, wiretapping, covert channels, denial of service attacks and VOIP webapplication issues.
'''For more details see [[Training 2| ]]'''
==== Pricing====
The price for this 2 day course is € 900 (+ VAT).
===Training 3===
[[Training_3| ]]
'''For more details see [[Training 3| ]]'''
==== Pricing====
The price for this 2 day course is € 900 (+ VAT).

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Trainings are not available yet. See below to follow updates.

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