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'''BruCON is over. Check the following if you missed it:'''
* [[Presentations]]
* [[Video]]
* [[Weblogs]]
* [[Press Review]]
* [[Photo Documentation]]
Keep yourself subscribed to our [  RSS feed] or [  Announcement mailinglist] to stay informed.
== Conference Pricing ==
BruCON is organized by BruCON vzw (AISBL) as a non-profit event. Ticket prices are only meant to cover expenses of this or future editions. For more information, read our [[Frequently_Asked_Questions]]
'''Be fast to register: we only accept 400 registrations for BruCON 2009! Your registration is only complete, after we have received your payment'''
'''Normal registration''' fees (including VAT) for BruCON are:
* <strike>180 Euro early bird (prior to July 3rd 2009)<sup>1</sup></strike>
* <strike>250 Euro 1st of July - 31st of August 2009</strike>
* 300 Euro afterwards and at doors
'''Students fees²''':
* <strike>50 Euro early bird (prior to July 3rd 2009)</strike>
* 90 Euro afterwards and at doors
<sup>1</sup> This discount is only for '''valid registrations before the 4th of July and for payments received the 6th of July at the latest'''.<br>
² Only applies to the first 50 students. After this, normal conference prices will apply. No other discounts apply to student prices. Current student tickets still available: '''15'''
Note: To save on processing expenses, all fees paid for the BruCON conference are non-refundable. BruCON can accommodate transfers of registrations from one person to another, if such an adjustment becomes necessary.
== Registration process==
'''Currently, online registration is still possible. Either you pay through PayPal or cash at the venue upon registration'''
You will receive a mail with your registration code and payment instructions (bank wire -preferred- or PayPal).
Upon reception of your payment, you will get your final registration confirmation. Please bring this confirmation to the conference.
Use this registration code for any future correspondence. '''Be patient''', but if you don't receive your payment instructions within 48h, please contact us at  '''helpdesk (at)'''
'''IMPORTANT''': Students need to mention "STUDENT" as discount code in the form or the email. Discount codes can never be combined. At the entrance students will have to show a valid student card (full-time students only!). If they fail to do so, they will have to pay the full price. There won't be any refunds.
Student tickets are only transferable to other students (with a valid student card).
== BruCON Training ==
Brucon is happy to announce the possibility to '''follow some first class training'''. Please see [[Training]] for details.
== Privacy ==
''BruCON is committed to safeguarding your privacy. We do never disclose your contact details to third parties.''

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