The Bug Bash

The Bug Bash

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The Bug Bash is an application security hackathon where the targets are live applications and the prizes are real cash bounties!

Bugcrowd hosts multiple well-known Bug Bounty Programs on their Crowdcontrol platform. They've created an event where conference attendees get together in a room to hack together and learn about penetration testing and application security auditing, with the chance to win cash when they find a security vulnerability. Create a team to increase your chances of being the first to find bugs!

To participate, sign up for a tester account on If you have a team, create an account for the team and choose a team captain to maintain it. You do not need to sign up in advance, just show up to the event with your computer and join in on the fun! We'll have snacks and drinks, as well as some presentations with tips on how to win bounties. Prizes range from swag to cash, from $50 to $5,000!

We'll see you there! #jointhehunt

2 sessions are scheduled on Wednesday and Thursday evening!

EurotrashSecurity podcast featuring Marisa Fagan (@dewzi) from Bugcrowd about the upcoming "Bug Bash" events at OWASP AppSec USA and BruCON >HERE<