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These are some of the suggestion from the LinkedIN group

At Shmoocon, we had a silent hardware auction. Although some hardware is not really valuable, we got some great donations of hardware, including Cisco Switches, a Nokia N800 tablet, and the infamous HAK5 Pineapple, that got GREAT bids, and raised a nice chunk of change.

So hardware is a great idea, but be realistic about how much it will raise, or how to sell/auction/get rid of it.


Cash is king! If you have something of value that can be sold to help out do it and just paypal the funds to Johnny Long. I think at one time he was looking for digital cameras and USB flash drives for the class rooms but I would say ping him and see if he needs any hardware and if not sell it and donate the funds to HFC.


Oh and as for the blackberries, apparently even the oldest unlocked blackberries bring a ridiculous price on the african market. More, if they have original manuals and cables and such. We are looking into getting them in job lots to help make HackerForCharity self-sufficient on the African Front, which would help to make sure that more of the money donated goes directly to help the kids and adults who need the food and knowledge.

Brian, great point. We actually have a mechanism to do just that on the website. There is an "iDonate" button, which is a link to an organization that will find a buyer for the merchandise, get the transfer arranged, and even give you a charitable receipt on the spot. Then HackersForCharity gets the funds, and the charities get the benefit. --- Sounds like a good idea. There are alot of families out of work and in need of essentials here in the states now - maybe funding domestic front would be a wiser choice...

dedicate a 'wall' to small contributors (not platinum/gold sponsors) that you pin/display their logo/name on for a €50/€100 contribution. Donate that cash to HFC :)

An additional % donation by Brucon on early bird registrations can help too; --- A fund raising party is always a good idea as well. Door Donation + Silent Auction + Branded Material Sales + percentage of cash bar = $$$ Use the opportunity to do some networking, you could also have featured guests, and maybe a feature talk...

Well, thank you all for the wonderful ideas!! I'll talk them over with the crew and put some people of it. We will make a big announcement at the end of the event on how we did !!

Keep submitting them if you have more cool ideas. --- Thanks again for taking the initiative to help us out!

The iDonate button is not on the current HFC website, so here is the info for all interested: (or use the "DONATE" button from

When you fill out the form please be sure to select us under the "Ministry: " drop down as "Hackers for Charity, Inc."

This is a good option if you have items to donate but not an effective way to liquidate them.

Otherwise if you'd like to auction/raffle/etc on your own the PayPal donate button is on the current iteration of the main HFC web site:

As we saw with the silent auction, sometimes items will go above market value if people believe in the cause. Good luck!