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Difference between revisions of "Schedule"

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** [[Challenge | The Hex Factor]]  
** [[Challenge | The Hex Factor]]  
** [[Podcast | Live Security Podcaster Meetup]]
** [[Podcast | Live Security Podcaster Meetup]]
** [[Lightning Talks]]
** Hardware Hacking Area with Mitch Altman

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Our Call for Papers 2010 just closed. Expect a partial schedule soon!

Currently confirmed are:

  • Keynote: Memoirs of a Data Security Street Fighter by Mikko Hypponen
  • Presentations:
    • Automated 0wnage with Return Oriented Programming by Erik Buchanan
    • CsFire: browser-enforced mitigation against CSRF by Lieven Desmet
    • Cyber [Crime|War] - connecting the dots by Ian Amit
    • Embedded System Hacking and My Plot To Take Over The World by Paul Asadoorian
    • Fireshark - A tool to Link the Malicious Web by Stephan Chenette
    • GSM security: fact and fiction by Fabian van den Broek
    • Head Hacking – The Magic of Suggestion and Perception by Dale Pearson
    • NFC (Near Field Communication) Malicious Content Sharing by Roel Verdult
    • Project Skylab 1.0: Helping You Get Your Cloud On by Craig Balding
    • The Monkey Steals the Berries: The State of Mobile Security by Tyler Shields
    • The WOMBAT Project: Recent Developments in Internet Threats Analysis by Olivier Thonnard and Andy Moser
    • Top 5 ways to steal a company: Forget root, I want it all. by Chris Nickerson
    • You Spent All That Money And You Still Got Owned by Joseph McCray
    • Your Project: From Idea To Reality: Make A Living Doing What You Love by Mitch Altman
  • Workshops:
    • Cryptanalysis workshop: Breaking office encryption by Eric Filiol
    • Hardware Hacking Area: Learn To Make Cool Things With Microcontrollers! by Mitch Altman
    • Living with SELinux How to configure SELinux for your daily applications in CentOS/RHEL by Toshaan Bharvani
    • Lockpicking 101 by Walter Bergers (
    • Malicious PDF analysis by Didier Stevens
    • RFID workshop by Philippe Teuwen
    • Seccubus workshop: Analyzing vulnerability assessment data the easy way by Frank Breedijk
    • The Security Innovation Network - Cluster of Clusters by Ulrich Seldeslachts
  • Events during conference:

For more information, check our F.A.Q.

The 2009 archive with videos and presentations can be found on the 2009 wiki

or have a look at this summary video of 6m35s!!!