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=Keynote Speakers=
=Keynote Speakers=
We are proud to announce our keynote speakers today !  
We are proud to announce our keynote speakers for Brucon v3 in September 2011 today !  
'''Haroon Meer (, South-Africa)'''
'''Haroon Meer (, South-Africa)'''

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Keynote Speakers

We are proud to announce our keynote speakers for Brucon v3 in September 2011 today !

Haroon Meer (, South-Africa)

Haroon is a well-known security researcher who has recently started his own venture with, an applied research company. He is also involved with ZACON, a security conference in South-Africa. Haroon is a frequent speaker at conferences such as Blackhat, Defcon, etc.

Alex Hutton (Verizon Business, United States)

Alex is a principal in the Verizon Business RISK intelligence team and has been one of the driving forces behind the VERIS (Verizon Risk Information Sharing) Framework and their yearly Databreach Investigations Report (DBIR). He is involved with the SIRA podcast and frequently presents on risk management and data-driven security at conferences such as Blackhat and Source.

Jaron Lanier (Microsoft, United States)

Jaron is a pioneer in the realm of virtual reality and currently works as a principal architect for Microsoft’s Extreme Computing lab. He is the author of the 2010 bestseller “you are not a gadget” and has given talks at conferences around the world on virtual reality and the impact of social networks and web 2.0.

Due to time constraints Jaron will not be able to attend the conference. Instead we are organizing for him to deliver his keynote talk through a video link. We're still privileged to have Jaron on-board for our 2011 edition!