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Press Review

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Please add links to press articles about BruCON. Thanks!
(Note: Bloggers are not journalists, please use the Weblogs page.


[Security ‘vriend en vijand’ samen op Black Hat] - Datanews

[BruCON: How to take over the world by breaking into embedded systems] -


Weblogs page. Go there to see what (visiting) bloggers have to say about the event.

[BruCON: Hackers descend on Belgium] - Help Net Security

[BruCON slaat brug tussen hackers en security] - Datanews

[BruCON lance un pont entre les hackers et la sécurité] - DataNews

[BruCON: Can we trust cryptography?] -

[Video's Belgische hackerconferentie Brucon online]

[Video - Malicious PDF files with Didier Stevens] - Help Net Security

[Video - Dissecting the hack: the f0rb1dd3n network] - Help Net Security

[Application security] - One magazine (Dutch) mentions brucon

[Report: BruCON Security Conference] INsecure Magazine Volume 23