Podcast meetup

Podcast meetup

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Where to get the podcast


Episode 2

Getting our groove on with a good beat, this time contributed by Dave Lewis (@gattaca on twitter) of . Much to our amazement this dude laces the tracks with heavy basses that grab you by the throat in this track named 'Crisis' (the title seems appropriate to an infosec podcast) by his music project Mescaline.

On with the show.

We got into a good discussion about information security, cyberwarfare and privacy with Jayson E. Street. Jayson will be speaking at the Brucon conference in September (don't tell me you have yet to book your ticket, right?) and was awarded the prize for the longest title. Apart from being an extremely likeable guy, he's very knowledgeable on the subject and he's a published author. If we are not misinformed, his book "Dissecting the hack" (Syngress '09) was launched in Vegas last week.

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Episode 1

We're ready to kick it off with kickass music contributed to us by an independent artist (and friend) from NY : Sah Ril. The new shoes song (I go bang) is featured on his album Wet.Plug.Trip which you can grab from iTunes and Amazon. You can find more info (and links to free music from this talented dude) on his website at We will feature more of his tracks in future episodes.

On with the show.

In this first episode we take the liberty to introduce Brucon 09, the first hacker/infosec conference in Belgium and provide you some essential tidbits of information that will prove valuable if you so choose to attend, participate or even contribute. All info about the conference can be found on if you want to stay up-to-date while the excitement is growing, you can follow @brucon on twitter or subscribe to the blog at

The meat of the episode however is a interview with hackster princess extraordinaire "Astera" Schneeweisz. This amazing fraulein from Vienna will be speaking at Brucon on the subject of hackerspaces. Hackerspaces have, in recent years, grown like mushrooms in recent years and Astera has personal first-row experience in organizing and building them. In the interview we also learned about Plumbercon ( and all the other great and exciting ideas she's working on. Learn to know this inspiring young lady, only on the Brucon podcast !

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