Podcast meetup

Podcast meetup

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For the first time in Europe, we will be hosting a live podcasters meetup, recording an episode with a live audience in the lounge of the Brucon venue. The following podcasts are confirmed to be present at Brucon :

  • Pauldotcom
  • Exotic Liability
  • Disaster Protocol
  • Eurotrash
  • DiscussIT Pubcast

Obviously, to have an interesting episode we need topics that are interesting to YOU ! Please send questions that you want to see answered or topics that you want to see discussed to .

After the recording, we invite you to the Podcasters party where we will wind down after the first day of Brucon.

Watch this space for further updates !

this event is made possible by :

  • we are still looking for sponsors to make this event what it deserves to be. Anybody interested in sponsoring can reach out to, we'll get back to you faster than lightning.

We thank Brucon for the opportunity to host this event during their conference and look forward to seeing you all in Brussels in September !