Philip Polstra - Autonomous Remote Hacking Drones

Philip Polstra - Autonomous Remote Hacking Drones

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Philip Polstra - Autonomous Remote Hacking Drones

To get the most from the workshop attendees should bring the following:

  • A BeagleBone Black Rev B or Rev C
  • 32 GB Class 10 or faster microSD card
  • An Alfa AWUS036H wireless adapter (or another adapter compatible with aircrack-ng)
  • Two Xbee or Zigbee adapters from Digi (must be from same series: 1, 2, or ZB. Regular or Pro edition w/ at least 1 recommended to be a Pro edition. Pro and Regular adapters can be mixed and matched within the same series)
  • A laptop running Linux that can be used to write to a microSD card.
  • A USB Xbee adapter such as the ones by Adafruit, Sparkfun, or Parallax
  • XBee cape or mini-cape (these can also be home made at a later time)
  • 5V 1A Power adapter with 2.1 x 5.5 mm barrel connector (2A recommended for using a touchscreen)

Attendees without the hardware listed above will still get something out of the workshop, but will not be able to leave will fully configured hacking drones. At a minimum, bringing a microSD card is recommended to save the pain of downloading a 6GB archive from The uncompressed system image is 12GB+, hence the need for a 16GB or larger microSD. The automation techniques should be applicable beyond use in the hacking drones described in this workshop.