Old School Crypto

Old School Crypto

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Cryptography is awesome, but modern cryptography has a seriously high barrier to entry that prevents a lot of people from getting into its technical side. Fortunately, many important lessons, attacks, and concepts can be demonstrated using classic pre-digital ciphers. Over the course of this four-hour workshop attendees will:

* Learn the technical basics of cryptography.

* Implement classic ciphers by hand.

* Learn about weaknesses in these ciphers and how to leverage these weaknesses to crack said ciphers.

* Get examples (in Python) from my Open Source framework to automate standard cryptographic functions, including attacks and analysis.

* Learn the history and stories surrounding my chosen ciphers.

* Learn a methodology so that when given an unknown ciphertext, they will be able to diagnose the cipher used and implement an attack.

Ultimately we're aiming to have the workshop be 50% technical instruction, 40% hands-on work with guidance, and 10% historical narratives.