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     * [[Frequently Asked Questions]] - Brucon FAQ
     * [[Frequently Asked Questions]] - Brucon FAQ
     * [[Travel]] - where to go and how to get there
     * [[Travel]] - where to go and how to get there
     * [[Travel#Accommodation]] - where to stay
     * [[Travel#Accommodation|Accommodation]] - where to stay
     * [[Supporters]] - sponsors and partner of BruCON  
     * [[Supporters]] - sponsors and partner of BruCON  
     * [[Press]] - information for the press
     * [[Press]] - information for the press

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BruCON is an annual two-day conference by and for the security and hacker community. The conference offers lectures and workshops on a multitude of topics like computer security, privacy, information technology and its implications on society. The 2009 slogan is "Hacking for b33r". It takes place at the Surfhouse in Brussels, Belgium on September 18 and 19.

Latest news


Follow more BruCON news directly on the Brucon Blog,Twitter or LinkedIN group.

General information

   * Frequently Asked Questions - Brucon FAQ
   * Travel - where to go and how to get there
   * Accommodation - where to stay
   * Supporters - sponsors and partner of BruCON 
   * Press - information for the press
   * Contact - how to contact the organizers


   * Schedule - speaker and workshop conference program
   * Training - BruCON training program
   * Tickets - pricing and registration
   * Lightning Talks - present your own cool project or tool


   * Volunteers - you can be one of them!
   * Events - Organize or join one of the activities
   * Propaganda - help us spread the word
   * Auction - help us organize this


   * Information Desk
   * Network
   * Speaker's room
   * Press Office


   * Hacklounge - a lounge to relax in the Surfhouse
   * HSB - Hackerspace Brussels
   * Breweries - A list of all Belgian breweries that can be visited


   * Presentations - Archive of BruCON presentations
   * Weblogs - a collection of blogs covering the event
   * Twitter - Brucon tweets
   * Press Review - press coverage
   * Photo Documentation - list your pictures here


This event was made possible with the help from the following organizations:

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Affiliated Partners

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