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| '''Gold Sponsors:'''
| '''Gold Sponsors:'''
| [[File:Sans-logo.png|150px|link=]]  [[File:Nviso-logo.png|150px|link=]]  [[File:Dimension-data-logo.jpg|150px|link=]]  
| [[File:Sans-logo.png|150px|link=]]  [[File:Nviso-logo.png|150px|link=]]  [[File:Dimension-data-logo.jpg|150px|link=]] [[File:Mwr_infosecurity.jpg|150px|link=]]  
| '''Party Sponsor:'''
| '''Party Sponsor:'''
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| <br>'''Supporting Sponsors:'''
| <br>'''Supporting Sponsors:'''
| <!-- [[File:Ingenico.gif|150px|link=]]  [[File:Exclusive networks logo.jpg|200px|link=]] [[File:Truesec-logo.png|200px|link=]] -->
| [[File:Ingenico.gif|150px|link=]]  [[File:Exclusive networks logo.jpg|200px|link=]] [[File:Truesec-logo.png|200px|link=]]  

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BruCON trainings will be on 5-7 October, the conference on 8-9 October 2015.

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You can see the videos of 2014 online on our YouTube channel.

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What is BruCON?

BruCON is an annual security conference providing two days of an interesting atmosphere for open discussions of critical infosec issues, privacy, information technology and its cultural/technical implications on society.... (Continue to our FAQ)

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  • Schedule - speaker and workshop conference program
  • Training - BruCON training program
  • Tickets - pricing and registration
  • Challenge - Show your Foo in this CTF and learn new skills
  • The Bug Bash - Show your Foo in this application security hackathon
  • Lightning Talks - present your own cool research, project or tool

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