Lightning Talks

Lightning Talks

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Ah, lightning talks...the speed dating (!) of Hacker cons.

Lightning Talks are 5-minute talks by various people combined in a set of 10 talks in one hour. You can present a strange idea, your nifty program, a cool project, some hardware you like - or whatever. Talks are meant to be non-commercial in nature. Sales or vendor pitches will not be allowed.

No, you don't have to drop a 0day or blueprints for a time-space warp engine to take part (we won't stop you if you try though...).

Perhaps you've found a novel use for an existing tool, or you've automated something that usually takes forever...or maybe you've started up a security related project and you're looking for volunteers...or you discovered an attack, defense or response technique you hadn't seen anywhere else (or you saw it but feel others would benefit from hearing about it).

You don't have to be one of the 'gurus' or infosec rockstars to throw your hat in the ring. You don't even have to present your "own stuff" - you may just want to get the word out to other haxxors about something you think is really special.

If you're nervous about presenting, we'll even offer some free coaching if you want it. Brucon is most definitely a con without attitude.

Don't let the biggest thing stopping you giving a lightning talk be "you" :).

Sign-up to give a lightning talk. Just edit the entries below.

Note: To avoid unnecessary questions, you will get nothing in return for giving a lightning talk. Except 5 minutes on the spotlight, interesting feedback and maybe a beer from someone in the audience. :-)

Got a question? Drop me an email via the (anti-spam ;-) contact link here:

Lightning talks day 1

Sign-up below to give a lightning talk. One slot per topic!!

  • Moderator1: Craig Balding
  • Moderator2: Chris John Riley
# Presentation title Presenter
1 AbuseHelper - automatic incident handling framework for CERT, ISP... Christian Van Heurck
2 IPv6 or not? Ewout Meij
3 Dissecting /Launch action PDF Didier Stevens
4 The current state of Hackerspaces in Benelux Bkay, Gmchar, Fish_
5 Detecting fraudulent activity with OSSEC Xme
6 DIY grid computing Tomasz Miklas
7 The infosec Circus pt.1 C.lueless and D.umbass
8 The infosec Circus pt.2 C.lueless and D.umbass
9 upsploit Thomas Mackenzie
10 The Hex Factor Pieter Danhieux
11 Numbers stations something witty. Matthew Hughes --
12 -- (reserve slot in case speakers don't show) --
13 -- (reserve slot in case speakers don't show) --

Lightning talks day 2

  • Moderator1: Dale Pearson
  • Moderator2: Chris John Riley
# Presentation title Presenter
1 Seccubus in 5 minutes Frank Breedijk
2 A Day in the Life of a Volunteer Cert Handler Mark Hillick
3 Procrastinators do it tomorrow Andreas Bogk
4 Forgotten JBoss AS exploitation techniques Patrick Hof
5 Backdooring the backdoors Matt Erasmus
6 Just keep it simple Ben Cook
7 OWASP, the Open Web Application Security Project Martin Knobloch
8 Router Defense tool Francois Ropert
9 <Insert Something Great Here> with cheese Chris John Riley
10 Signal! Fish_ & gmc
11 (reserve slot in case speakers don't show) Hack-square: hackers on tour (2011) gmc
12 -- (reserve slot in case speakers don't show) --
13 -- (reserve slot in case speakers don't show) --


Got a question? Drop me an email via the (anti-spam ;-) contact link here:


Feedback is very important to people, especially those who are doing lightening talks in order to improve their presentation skills. So if you saw something you liked, please fill in some feedback for them!

Please list the name of the presenter, the theme, or the name of the presentation so we know who to fwd the feedback to.

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