Jedi's trick to convince your boss and colleagues

Jedi's trick to convince your boss and colleagues

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Social engineering techniques can be used to hack into companies and help the dark side reach their targets. They can also be used by the light side to help you achieve your objectives: make the company more secure.

How often did you present a good and original solution but your bosses were reluctant to change the current shitty solution? How often did you tried to change processes so they are more straightforward, more efficient, and your colleagues just reject the idea to avoid an additional burden? How often do you try to convince end-users to do the things rights, using videos, presentation, cartoons even, and there's still people doing it wrong?

There is Jedi's tricks for that, its all around you, it is called social psychology and we'll give you the foundations to improve your impact and your success rate. Based on latest researches in Social psychology and neuro-sciences, in persuasive communication and in psychotherapies, this workshop will present you with the few building blocks necessary to build efficient communication or winning negotiations. We'll ask participants to submit, if they will, example of communications or projects they would like to promote or defend. The workshop will be held under Chattam house rules to foster open communication and disclosure.

Of course, the force is the same for the Siths and the Jedis, so you'll be able to use these techniques for both the dark and the light side.