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How to use

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Reserve your workshop seat:

Reserved seats get in until 5 min before the workshop. After that it is first come, first in.

Understand that this is not our software, just an easy way to publish the BruCON schedule and to register workshop attendance.

by registering you do agree on:

if you do not want your real name to be exposed, use a fake name or alias.

There is a setting in your sched profile that enables you to hide your participation in the sessions:
Hide my profile & schedule so nobody will be able to meet me:"
(click "Change your username, password and privacy settings." at the bottom when editing your profile)

Also, we have been made aware that there is a vulnerability in the Sched mobile App that sends credentials in clear text.
We have raised this to who are working on a fix.
Meanwhile: do not (re)use any of your existing credentials and preferably use the web client that uses SSL

If you notice any other bugs, please report them to @SchedSupport or