How to use

How to use

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Understand that this is not our software, just an easy way to publish the BruCON schedule and to register workshop attendance.

by registering you do agree on:

if you do not want your real name to be exposed, use a fake name or alias.

There is a setting in your sched profile that enables you to hide your participation in the sessions:
Hide my profile & schedule so nobody will be able to meet me:"
(click "Change your username, password and privacy settings." at the bottom when editing your profile)

Also, we have been made aware that there is a vulnerability in the Sched mobile App that sends credentials in clear text.
We have raised this to who are working on a fix.
Meanwhile: do not (re)use any of your existing credentials and preferably use the web client that uses SSL

If you notice any other bugs, please report them to @SchedSupport or