Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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About Brucon

What is BruCON?

How did BruCON start?

There was no conference in Belgium for hacking/security enthusiasts. We were tired of having to travel abroad all the time and we were sure we could set something up that was fun and had some real cool content at the same time. Another goal is to unite people who share the same passion and start a Belgian community, with BruCON as a yearly highlight. Brussels is also in the center of Europe (at least, that's what they say), so we hope BruCON can evolve to a truly European event.'s also another excuse to drink b33r.

Where did the name come from?

When and where is BruCON ?

What are the rules of BruCON ?

What is there to do at BruCON?

I'm not a hacker, should I go to BruCON?

Do criminals go to BruCON ?

How can I help or participate?

How can I speak at BruCON?

Tickets and Training

How much is the entrance fee for BruCON, and do you take credit cards?

BruCON is too expensive, how can I afford it?


Is the Surfhouse open 24/24?





Is there a network at BruCON?

What should I bring?


Will there be food at Brucon?

What is the best Belgian Beer?

What is the perfect remedy against hangovers?

This FAQ didn't answer my questions, or was unclear, how can I get further information?