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===How can I speak at BruCON?===
===How can I speak at BruCON?===
The Call of Paper phase is finished. But you can come to BruCON as a participant and subscribe to the lightning talks and give a brief introduction of your topic.
The Call of Paper phase is finished. But you can come to BruCON as a participant and subscribe to the [[Lightning_Talks]] and give a brief introduction of your topic.
===How much is the entrance fee for BruCON===
===How much is the entrance fee for BruCON===

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About Brucon

What is BruCON?

BruCON is an annual security and hacker(*) conference providing two days of an interesting atmosphere for open discussions of critical infosec issues, privacy, information technology and its cultural/technical implications on society. Organized in Brussels, BruCON offers a high quality line up of speakers, security challenges and interesting workshops. BruCON is a conference by and for the security and hacker(*) community.

The conference tries to create bridges between the various actors active in computer security world, included but not limited to hackers(*), security professionals, security communities, non-profit organizations, CERTs, students, law enforcement agencies, etc.....

(*)Hackers are "persons who delight in having an intimate understanding of the internal workings of a system, computers and computer networks in particular." People who engage in illegal activities like unauthorized entry into computer systems are called crackers and don't have anything to do with hacking. BruCON doesn't promote any illegal activities and behavior. Many hackers today are employed by the security industry and test security software and systems to improve the security of our networks and applications. In addition, for the younger generations, we want to create some awareness and interest in IT students to learn more about IT Security.

How did BruCON start?

BruCON is organized as a non-profit event by volunteers. A group of security enthusiasts decided that it was time in Belgium to have its own security and hacker conference. A lot of countries around the world have these kind of conferences to discuss and present research on computer security and related subject matters. We want to unite people who share the same passion and support the Belgian (research) communities, with BruCON as a yearly highlight. We are not professional organizers and started this as a non-profit organization. We all have full time jobs and dedicate a lot of our free time to this project. Everyone is welcome to join us and help!!

When and where is BruCON 2010?

To help us fund the conference, we are providing some excellent Training courses on 22 & 23 September and the Conference itself is on 24 & 25 September in The Surfhouse.

What are the rules of BruCON ?

There are no rules. But we ask you to refrain from doing anything that might jeopardize the conference or other attendees. BruCON crew members are there to answer your questions and help you wherever they can. It is unwise to do any illegal activities as law enforcements officers probably will attend the event as well.

What is there to do at BruCON?

BruCON offers a presentation track and some workshops by some very interesting and bright people bringing some of the most recent material in security research. The attendees of the conference can help us shape the event. We welcome anyone with some innovative research, a tool or just to present an interesting website to give a lightning talk or a workshop. If you want to give an additional workshop or need some space for your project, please contact us

Will there be hackers at BruCON?

We hope so!!! Many people have different definitions of what is a ‘hacker’. The only one we don't agree with is the mass media definition of 'Hackers' meaning criminals that deface websites and break into networks also correctly known as 'crackers'. "Hackers build things, crackers break them". For us, examples of great hackers are Linus Torvalds or Steve Wozniak. Although security vulnerabilities in software are also discussed during BruCON, today this is called security research or white-hat hacking to improve our software and infrastructure. Read more about the term "hacking" and how it evolved in the last 25 years in this great Wired article

How can I help or participate?

See Participation

How can I speak at BruCON?

The Call of Paper phase is finished. But you can come to BruCON as a participant and subscribe to the Lightning_Talks and give a brief introduction of your topic.

How much is the entrance fee for BruCON

See Tickets for details.

BruCON is too expensive, how can I afford it?

We did our best to keep prices as low as possible so everyone could attend. We are not making any money out of this. If it's still too much for your budget, there are lots of ways to cut down costs. Find someone to share a room with, pack your own food for the trip etc... Organize a party to collect some money.


The 2010 edition will be again at the Surfhouse. Location and Travel information is to be found on the Travel page.

Is the Surfhouse open 24/24?



See here.


See here.


Is there a network at BruCON?

There will be internet.

BruCON is kindly asking our visitors not to do anything that might jeopardise this event. BruCON and it's members takes no responsability regarding the illicit use of the network and internet access.

However, we have a CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team). If you suspect any illegal activity, you can contact us and we will take the necessary actions together with the Belgacom Network Team.

Email: cert at brucon dot org Telephone: +32 2 243 0385

What should I bring?

That depends on what you want to do at the conference. Bringing a laptop, extra batteries and a long UTP cable might be a good idea if you want to attend workshops or other activities.


Will there be food at Brucon?

Yes, since there is nothing to eat in the neighborhood of the venue, we will provide breakfast, lunch and dinner included in the income price.

What is the best Belgian Beer?

What is the perfect remedy against hangovers?

Don't drink too much beer the day before. ;-)

We are promoting some aspects of Belgium like our good Chocolate and fine Beers. Enjoy but use in moderation.

This FAQ didn't answer my questions, or was unclear, how can I get further information?

Please contact us if this FAQ didn't answer your questions.