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Before the event

Brussels Beer Weekend

The Brussels' Grand Place hosts a multitude of stands offering the opportunity to discover some of our best Belgian beers. Many small, medium-sized and large Belgian breweries will present to you their best selections of beers. Entrance is free and beer prices are very reasonable! Many other events such as jazz bands, brass bands, activities for children will entertain you while tasting one or two beer. (September 4-6, 2009)

Thursday evening dinner

We are planning a dinner at a sushi restaurant in Brussels for everyone who likes to join. This will take place on Thursday evening around 8pm. The exact details will follow later depending on the participants. If you would like to join or want more information send a mail to Yashiko

During the event

Brucon Security Bloggers/Twits Meetup

The Security Bloggers/Twits Meetup will be organized by Wim Remes. Plans are underway and details will emerge once we get to know how many participants we can expect.

If you plan to attend the meetup, contact Wim on Twitter (@domdingelom)

Official Brucon After Party

To close the event, a party will be organized on Saturday evening

After the event