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(Before the event)
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=Before the event =
=Before the event =
Don't forget to check out "'''THE PLAN'''" for Brucon 2011 ->
== Studio 54 @ Antwerp ==
== Studio 54 @ Antwerp ==

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Before the event

Don't forget to check out "THE PLAN" for Brucon 2011 ->

Studio 54 @ Antwerp If we can gather a group of 15 or more people we might want to look at renting a box.... You know how we roll! hit up @wimremes on twitter if you wanna do this.


BruCON pre-conference dinner and get together....19:00 for some Japanese food (which is much more then just sushi or fish (ramen, noodles, etc...), just join us)

Location: Kabuki // Address: Rue du marché aux poulets 32 1000 Brussels Google maps
Date: Sunday, 18th @19:00 (for dinner) @21:00 (for drinks)

Then afterward 20:00-21:00 we'll head out for drinks (possibly different bars starting with Delirium,

Register here.... (limited) reservation will be made so it's first come first serve.

Check this page for more details later. (for questions, contact @security4all on Twitter)

During the event

Brucon Security Bloggers/Twits Meetup

The Security Bloggers/Twits Meetup will be organized by Wim Remes. Plans are underway and details will emerge once we get to know how many participants we can expect.

If you plan to attend the meetup, contact Wim on Twitter (@wimremes)

Brucon Party (sponsored by IOActive)

Date : September 19th

Time: 22:00

Location : Havana Club Brussels, Rue de l'Epée 4, 1000 Brussels (

DJs : Joernchen, Mumpi, Keith Myers

Entrance : Free

After the event