DJ Jackalope (Las Vegas)

DJ Jackalope (Las Vegas)

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Miss DJ Jackalope has recently been spotted in the Las Vegas, Nevada desert hunting the great wild Belgian brew and searching for over sized bass bins. She has been known to use OSINT skills and other such talents (in addition to DJing) for the tracking down and capturing of packets, opening of locks, finding of credentials, and entertaining attendees DEF CON and other hacker parties since DEF CON 7. She originally learned DJ skills in 1996 on vinyl records and has since learned how to play on every platform, but that doesn't mean she likes them all. Vinyl and CDs are her current flavour of hardware along with Jungle and Breaks styles of music. Too many laptop DJs cheat and pre-record their sets these days, Jackalope prefers to do it the right way and spin it live. She is often spotted in the company of Zziks, a sound and light engineer and long time DEF CON goon.

BruCON sent a team of secret undercover agents to track her down and return her to Ghent to share her many talents with you.

Website: http://DJ-JACKALOPE.COM Soundcloud: