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Anti harassment

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BRUCON anti-harassment policy

Dear BruCON participant. Where it is understood that BruCON does not condone ANY harassment against ANY person for ANY reason, we can also not give the impression that we support the (perceived) suppression of free speech. In light of the events at BSides San Francisco 2013, where a talk was removed from the schedule for -in our opinion- all the wrong reasons and at least partially through the influence of the organisation from which we sourced the basis of our anti-harassment policy, we have decided to revise our policy from scratch. There will be a new policy in the next few weeks.

  • BruCON does not condone harassment in any way or form.
  • BruCON supports the BSides SF 2013 crew and staff and notes that a group of volunteers dedicated to our community should not be chastized for a gut decision.
  • BruCON is of the position that if we say that any person should feel safe at a venue, this statement includes our speakers that step up to share knowledge and experience. CFP committees are tasked to ensure that talks are on topic for the venue they are selected for. Speaker witch-hunts are harassment too.

BruCON is a non-profit event dedicated to support and contribute to the information security community.

You can read more about the events at BSides San Francisco 2013 here:

Be who you are, allow others to be themselves and if push comes to shove, don't be a dick. Assume good faith.